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Grooming Yorkies

Hair care is an important part of pet care and ownership and you will need to do the necessary yourself or get professional help. Lapdogs in general and Yorkiess especially need considerable grooming and care. If you think you may not be able to groom your Yorkie well, then you might consider getting a different breed. Just like human hair, a Yorkies’s coat will keep growing if not cut from time to time. Some owners, serious about grooming their dog’s coat, wrap it into knots. Moreover, quality of a Yorkies’s coat is very important. Head hair is lustrous, silky and thin, while the body coat is comparatively thicker and straight. The hair starting at the base of their skull runs all the way to the tip of the tail, and is parted in the center. When bathing, the most common mistake we make is to scrub the coat all over with shampoo. A good product will lift off the dirt and take away the frizz off your yorkie’s hair, so you might as well avoid ending up in a messy tangle. Before you apply shampoo to a your dog’s coat, make sure the skin at the base is well moist. Pour shampoo on your fingers and gently run it in the direction of the coat. Any amount of shampoo left on the body can do harm to both hair and skin. Make sure you rinse well and apply a very mild conditioner to help the coat retain some moisture. To dry the coat after bathing, wrap your yorkie in a thick, dry towel for minutes. This method will help you cut down on the drying time, and is better than rubbing your yorkies coat back and forth. If you must use a dryer, make sure you use mild heat and hold it at a safe distance from the dog to avoid burning his skin. Divide your yorkie’s coat in sections and gradually brush one section at a time. Don’t forget the easily missed areas like under the belly, legs and behind the ears. Trimming the hair under the feet and around the anal area is also important. Be careful with your dog when trimming the hair in the anal area. Use a pair of scissors; clippers are too risky for this sensitive area. The hair at the back and sides of the ears need trimming too. Snip the hair on the ears gently, closely following the contour of the ears. Hair on the feet also need trimming. Brush the coat straight and trim the excess hair according to the shape of the foot. Although getting a perfect round shape may not be easy at first, with each grooming session you are bound to improve on it, so relax and take your time. To top it all off, finish by tying a topknot with a pretty bow. To make a bow, gather the hair from the outer corners of the eyes along with those at the center of the head. Brush the hair gently and secure it with a latex band. Top off by adding your favorite bow! According to the American Kennel Club your Yorkies should have a long, flowing coat, if you want your dog to participate in a show. The other alternative to keeping a long coat is of course keeping it short. In this article we will discuss both the looks and give you a detailed regime to help you keep your yorkie’s coat in excellent condition. Although a long coat is the trademark of a Yorkies, whether you choose to keep it long for your dog depends upon your inclination to groom and the amount of time you can spend on grooming. If you think a long coat is unsuitable for your yorkie, you may choose to go for the alternative look, which is obviously a short crop, also known as the ‘puppy cut’. Learn more about Yorkshire Terriers.

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Dog with lovers
Dog with lovers