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Training Small Dog Breeds

Every dog breed has its own unique characteristics and challenges that will arise when trying to housebreak, raise and train. However, dog breeds of a common size be it small, medium or large will tend to have similar behavior habits that can be studied to make training your pet dog easier. Small dog breeds, or toy dog breeds, are a popular breed of dog comprising Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Toy Poodles and many other loveable canines. Training small dog breeds is no easy task. Many new dog owners fall for the common misconception that since the dog they have is small it will be easier to train. In fact, small dog breeds can present even more of a challenge due to their intelligence, head-strong nature and mischievous personality. Small dog breeds often view discipline and training as games and will use the opportunity to test the owner’s patience. It’s not unusual for a toy dog breed to quickly understand the command training being taught but still clown around to lighten the mood. Small dog breed owners should be aware that their little friend’s actions are not signs of disobedience but rather his way of letting you know he gets the simple commands and is ready for something more. Another trait to remember when training small dog breeds is the inherent nature to compensate for their small stature by being overly aggressive and suspicious. How many times have you seen a tiny Shih Tzu go ballistic while a confused Great Dane stares at the little fur ball making all the noise? Smaller dog breeds have a need to make their presence known and this on-guard personality can make training such breeds difficult at times. Having a small dog breed relaxed and calm is essential to getting them to obey your commands. Small and toy dog breeds are very alert, bright and aware of their surroundings. They have a high motor and a short attention span so be patient when training such breeds but also be firm in your commands and do not let the little guy run the show. If given an inch small dog breeds will take a yard and run for as long as you let them. But once a small dog breed is trained correctly you will have a loyal and protective friend for life.

Small Dog Breeds

Also known as Pocket Pet dog breeds and an average 10 inches or under at the shoulder, small dog breeds do great as lap dogs. Small dogs breeds are great for apartment living as it requires minimum exercise. These breeds do fine without regular walks or play. Though of a small size, small breeds are bold and can be fairly aggressive. They make good watchdogs.

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Dog with lovers
Dog with lovers