TrainPetDog.com offers you this FAQ Library to help you find answers to common questions. Please click on any of the following categories:

1. I tried to login but my user name and password do not work.

Ans : First, please verify that you are logging in with the correct password and username. The password is case-sensitive. Is the caps lock on? Next, try clearing your browser’s cookies and temporary Internet files and then try logging in again. Finally, remember that only one person can be logged into your account at a time.

If you are still encountering problems, please fill up the form below. We will try to send you a new id and password as soon as possible.

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3. I forgot my password. How do I recover it?

Ans : Please click here (the form above) for our login reminder service and your recovered password will be emailed to the address on file.

If you don’t receive our email, remember to always check your junk email box as your mail provider or spam blocker may be incorrectly filtering our email as spam or bulk mail.

5. How do I access the Elite Dog Club?

Ans : Please enter your details here to get the credentials for the Elite Dog Club.

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6. Can I change the dog breed once I have ordered?

Ans : Yes, you can change the dog breed, Please contact us to let us know your email ID that was used for ordering and the new dog breed. We will change it and confirm to you over an email.

2. I didn’t find the download link anywhere in your confirmation email. Where do I get it?

Ans : Please check the product list to find out the product you ordered for and submit your email and order details. If your information is found to be correct, we will try to send you the download link as soon as possible.

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5. I’ve put wrong email address in the order form by mistake and as a result I couldn’t receive any of the download links you have sent to me. What shall I do now?

Ans : We need some detail information for the updation of your email id. All these information are required to get confirmed that you are our genuine customer. This is necessary for the privacy and security for our order database. Once the information matches our database, we will update your email id. Fill up the following form to update your email id:

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6. I only received 2 mini course e-mails from you, day 1 & day 5. How do I get the rest of the mails?

Ans : Fill up the following form carefully to get the your rest of the mini course mails:

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2. I think I have paid twice for the same product. What shall I do now?

Ans : All double or more payments are immediately refunded after a brief check to ensure that the payments are genuinely received.

Fill up the following form and we will let you know the status.

Payment Verification Form

4. For what product have I been charged for?

Ans : Please enter your email id (exactly what you used while ordering) to know which product you have ordered from whom and on which date.

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1. I thought that the product that I purchased involved a one-time payment. Why is my credit card being charged again?

Ans : When you purchase some of our products (like our Training Course, ebooks, items from our online store etc.), you are offered a 30 day free trial to our Elite Dog Club as a bonus gift.

The Elite Dog Club provides you with a monthly video on training your dog, one-on-one answers from our experts to any questions that you have about your dog, a monthly audio-recording from a world-famous dog trainer on different aspects of training and handling your dog, free weekly email consultations with a top veterinarian, our Doggie Alert software to remind you of your pet’s scheduled medical appointments and vaccinations, and a members-only 8% discount coupon that you can use to purchase items such as dog food, dog toys, chews, treats, dog clothes, collars, harnesses, dog beds, etc. from our online store.

If you do not cancel your subscription to the Elite Dog Club within the 30 day free trial period, you are then charged a subscription fee for continued access to the Elite Dog Club. This is the charge that you see on your credit card statement.

The fact that you would automatically be charged the subscription fee for the Elite Dog Club if you do not cancel your subscription within the 30 day free trial period is clearly mentioned in the sales page for the product that you ordered. In addition, we had reminded you about this payment in the order confirmation page that was displayed after your order was processed, and in the emails that we sent to you after your order was processed.

If you would like us to cancel your membership to the Elite Dog Club and have us stop billing your card in the future, please see the next question below.

2. I would like to cancel my membership to the Elite Dog Club so that I am not charged in the future.

Ans : If you want to cancel your membership to the Elite Dog Club, please enter the email address and the last 4 digits of the credit card that you had used when you placed your order and click on the Submit button to begin the 3-step cancellation process.

Cancel my membership to the Elite Dog Club

If you have any issue which has not been answered in the above Frequently Asked Questions system, please feel free to Contact Us by Submitting a Support Ticket. Please be patient and allow us up to 3 days to respond.