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Who Else Wants To Help Dog Owners
Deal With Their Dominant Dogs..for FREE?

Distribute a FREE, Customized Dominance Report For Dogs And Get Dog Owners Coming Back To Your WebSite For More...

You are probably well aware of how dog owners feel helpless when their dog

  • shows dominant behaviour

  • displays aggressive attitude

  • disobeys the commands

If you have a doggie website or a dog blog, here is an innovative way of how you can help. proudly presents a unique Dominance Tool for dogs...

This easy and user-friendly Tool asks 10 questions to the dog owners, evaluates the Dog’s attitude and displays the recommendation based on the input.

At the end of the tool, the Dog Owners can download a FREE Report on their Dog’s Dominance behaviour and what steps are to be taken to control their dog.

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We have all read reports of how a family had taken in a new puppy or an adult dog, struggled to settle it down for a couple of months, but could not control their attitude and finally sent the dog to the shelter.

We are all aware that a majority of dogs sent to a shelter don't find a second home and are ultimately put to sleep!

And this is where we can help both dogs and their prospective owners….by telling them, where is the dog going wrong or what can the owner do, to establish himself as the Alpha owner.

The good news is...The Dog Dominance Tool is now available for your web site or blog.

What’s more interesting is...for the Affiliates,. The Dog Dominance Tool (the first of its kind on the Internet), can be customized to add your Affiliate ID and help you earn commissions from every sale that your site generates.

However, even if you are not an affiliate, you can go ahead and add the tool to your site, to help dog owners in general and make them come back to your website for more.

Click here to get a preview of how the tool works.

Click here to add this FREE tool to your website

Here's how you'll benefit by adding this tool to your site or blog:

  • Traffic to your site will increase as more people become aware that your site offers an excellent free tool like this and tell their friends about it

  • Your visitors will spend more time on your site and will thus be more likely to become loyal readers and customers

  • You'll be doing your bit to help dog owners and prevent them from leaving their dogs for their dominating, disobedient behaviour.

This tool has been developed by our in-house panel of renowned dog training experts whose combined wisdom represents nearly 100 years of specialist experience training dogs.

Adding the Dog Dominance tool to your site is easy and should take you no more than 3 minutes. You simply need to add some HTML code that we're going to give you to your site. If you have more than 1 website where you want to add this tool, you can do so too.

In order to get this code, please enter your first name, email address and website URL in the form below:

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