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A number of factors come into play when configuring the diet for your dog. You need to take into account the breed, size, sex and age before you select a dog food since not all dog foods are made for the same needs. Again, there are a multitude of products available but not each is right for your little or big buddy. Knowing the intricacies of your breed and the special requirements for keeping him healthy is paramount to leading a happy lifestyle.

Dogs can be finicky as well and owners have had to learn the hard way that some dogs won’t eat dry food, some won’t take food from a can and still others won’t eat unless someone is with them. Dogs are no different than people, they like things a certain way and since you can’t reason with a Shih Tzu you’re better off knowing what he likes and providing it. Yes, there are dog owners who will sit for ten minutes so Rover can finish his meal. Other animals tend to stick to patterns and will expect feeding at regular times, like morning and early evening. You control the schedule so make sure you are punctual because you may wake up late to find him sitting next to you with his bowl in his mouth.

Dogs quickly navigate to routines and any deviation can cause alarm and excitement. Providing a healthy, regular feeding will satisfy his need for nutrition and familiarity. The dog food section at your local supermarket has now grown to fill an entire aisle. Even more there are places like Petco and PetSmart that specialize in dog food. You will find an amazing amount of diet foods from organic lamb meal and rice to formulas for sensitive skin and stomachs as well as specific mixes for large and small breed puppies and older dogs. Spend some time researching the food available and consult your veterinarian before selecting a diet. There may be some trial and error period as all dogs, even specific breeds, are not the same. Your dog may have his own personality and will challenge you by not eating to see if you will make him. Paying attention to specific needs is necessary but giving in to every whim is not recommended. Have patience and be smart when starting your dog out on a diet.

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