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Destructive Behavior in Basset Hounds

Although the Basset Hound appears to be sad and inactive, he is a happy and active dog. He is also extremely loyal towards his master. He is funny, intelligent and great with children and other animals. This dog gets his name from the French word “Bas’, which means low or low-slung, describing the dog’s body. This breed was initially used for hunting prey on the ground due to their low height and sharp sense of smell. The Basset Hound has more bones in its body than any other dog and it is thus, necessary to keep them from jumping or becoming too active as this might only lead them to become crippled and even turn them into bow-legged animals. The Basset Hound is extremely affectionate, calm and devoted and is often the first choice for people with children and pets. It makes for a great watchdog because it is highly protective towards its family and sets off an alert at the slightest hunch but doesn’t make a great guard dog. The Basset Hound makes a great walk partner but they need several stops while walking. Such a dog is not recommended as a jogging partner because his bones are extremely fragile and are prone to breaking or becoming bow-shaped. Although all of the above factors are to be kept in mind to avoid causing any harm to the dog, it is equally important for one to realize that if the dog is let off without exercise for too long he may prove to be inordinately impatient and aggressive. The Basset needs to be amply exercised, as that would keep him from becoming overtly bored due to lack of activity. This will also prevent him from growing highly aggressive. Exercise in the form of walks, with the leash firmly in place, is strongly recommended. The dog should also be encouraged to play on a regular basis, as that would refrain him from going overboard with his destructive chewing and biting activities. Learn more about Basset Hound.

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Dog with lovers
Dog with lovers