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Tasy: Personality, Exercise, Health (Tazy, Mid-Asiatic Borzois)

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About Tasy

Country of Origin, History of Tasys

The Tasy has been a very special dog for its owners and has also been known to keep their owners free from starvation. Sadly, with time, these dogs are headed towards extinction but a few individuals are still trying hard to keep this from happening. They are mostly seen along the deserts of the Caspian Sea, chasing fox, hare or even wolves.

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Description of the Dog

The Tasy is the Turkish version of the Afghan Hound. Basically a Sighthound, the Tasy specialize in pursuing its prey, keeping it in sight and overpowering it by its agility. Having a slim head, a slender waist, a broad chest and lean legs help them to chase their prey faster than most hound dogs.


The coat of the Tasy is silky and protects the ears, tail and legs with its heavy fringes. The coat color varies from fawn, tan, gray or a combination of black and tan with white patches or polka dots. Mostly all the Tasys are thin skinned. The Tasy has hazel colored large oval eyes, dark nose, a narrow muzzle and a thin twisted tail.


Males and Females of this Mixed Breed reach a height of 22 to 28 inches


The average weight of the Tasy is between 55 to 80 pounds

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Tasy Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Dog

Although more of a Sight hound, the Tasy has a great sense of smell as well. The Tasy is gentle and submissive by nature. Not much of a barker, they seldom like involving themselves in fights. Be it a moving rabbit, a vehicle or a human, a Tasy will easily get attracted to it and tend to follow it immediately.

Leash is important while training a Tasy preferably with a fenced backyard. Many a times it has been seen that a Tasy puppy ending up hurt while trying to chase a hare or a rabbit. A Tasy needs constant human attention and a human company that can always appreciate his courage and typical ways.

Living Conditions

The Tasy is definitely not fit for apartment living conditions. A big farm or country home is best suitable for it. Although the dog will be content sleeping indoors, it needs lots of outdoor space to roam about freely.

Tasy Activity Level


The Tasy needs to be exercised on a regular basis to prevent boredom from setting in and also to keep him in good shape. The dog also needs to have running sessions regularly in a fenced yard. However, since the Tasys fall under Sighthound dog group, the owner should always put them on a leash while taking them for a walk.


Regular brushing and combing with occasional bathing is required to keep away ticks and mites. Trimming the nails and keeping the eyes and ears clean is also important.

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Health and Care

The Tasy might suffer from health problems like elbow and hip dysplasia, cataracts, skin and coat infections; and other ailments related to digestive system, heart, respiratory systems, reproductive and urinary systems. The Tasy is sensitive to cold, thus special precautions should be taken during the winter.

Life Expectancy: The life span of the Tasy is approximately between 12 to 14 years.

National Breed Clubs

Group: Hound Group, Sight Hound.

AKC Popularity Ranking: Not recognized by AKC.

Also Known As: Tazi, Tazy, Mid-Asiatic Borzoi

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