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Caucasian Mountain Dog: Key Characteristics of Caucasian Mountain Dog Breed

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About Caucasian Mountain Dog

Country of Origin, History of Caucasian Mountain Dogs

This is a popular breed that originated in Russia. This flock guardian dog had been developed from pre-historic molasses in Caucasus. The name of the dog “Caucasian Ovtcharka” means sheepdog of the Caucasian region. The local herders had developed this breed and used it to protect their sheep from predators and thieves.

The dog’s striking physical characteristics and hard working abilities had always secured for it a lot of attention. However, the lack of organized kennel clubs and written standards had been responsible for variations being caused among the Caucasian Mountain Dogs of various nations.

The need for the dog to be used as a sheep guardian is fast dying out. However, extensive breeding programs for the dog are being undertaken throughout Hungary, Poland and the Czech and Slovak Republics and the popularity of the dog stays high.

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Description of the Breed

The dog is a healthy, strongly boned and muscular creature. It has got a large torso with angled hind legs and sturdy hocks. The dog has a massive head. It has moderate deep-set dark almond shaped eyes. The ears are densely covered with hair. The ears are traditionally docked.

The coat of the Caucasian Mountain Dog is moderate in length. It is thick, dense and weather resistant and having profuse feathering. Typically the coat is a light shade of gray with white markings. However, coat colors vary between gray, fawn, pied, brindle, tan and white. It is very effective in keeping out the cold. The dog has large and heavy paws and it has hair between the toes too that offers insulation and protection. The tail of the dog is thick. It is covered with a long feathering of heavy hair. It hangs down alongside the hock when the dog is resting. When the dog moves the tail curls upwards and over its side.


Male: 25 inches and 33 inches
Female: 24 inches and 29 inches.


Male: 99 pounds and 195 pounds
Female: 85 pounds and 154 pounds.

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Caucasian Mountain Dog Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Dog

The Causasian Mountain Dogs are brave, alert, strong and hardy. However, they need experienced owners to handle them. The dogs tend to respect and obey only those members of the family who seem dominant. These are thinking dogs that rely mainly on their own instincts and never become completely submissive and follow orders blindly. Proper care, socialization and training of the dogs are a must for otherwise they may turn out to be ferocious and unmanageable.

The dogs distrust people unknown to them. They have a powerful urge to defend persons and things belonging to the family to which they belong including children and pets. Though the dogs like children yet children cannot be entrusted to their care. They tend to offer extensive protection to the children if they feel there is a need to do so and as a result may end up doing more harm than good. The Caucasian Mountain Dog can be rather dominating towards dogs it does not know.

Living Conditions

The large size and high levels of energy/temperament of the dog makes it unsuitable for keeping the Caucasian Mountain Dog in apartments. The dogs need space and can only make do with a large yard. Outdoor living is not a problem for the dog because it has got a thick coat that can protect it from cold. However, a proper place of shelter needs to be arranged for the dog.

Caucasian Mountain Dog Activity Level

Exercise Needs

The dog needs to be exercised considerably both physically and mentally. A long walk undertaken on a daily basis or 30 minutes of running or engagement in some other vigorous activity provides the dog with the physical exercising that it needs. Mental exercises can be provided via special dog training practices.


Two varieties of coats of the Caucasian Mountain Dog can be found- Shorthaired and Longhaired.

Though both varieties of coats require regular brushings the longhaired variety needs more frequent brushings. While brushing and combing special attention needs to be given to the areas that are more prone to getting tangled. In case of these dogs shedding occurs throughout the year and heavy shedding takes place twice annually. Regular brushing of the coat will go a long way to keep the mess of shedding at a minimum.

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Free Caucasian Mountain Dog Training Secrets

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Health and Care

The breed has not been known to be particularly prone to any major illnesses. However, being a large dog breed the Caucasian Mountain Dogs are susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia.

National Breed Clubs

Life Expectancy: About 10-11 years.

Group: Flock Guard Dog.

AKC Popularity Ranking: Foundation Stock Service

Also Known As: Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Caucasian Sheepdog, Caucasian Shepherd, Kavkaskaia Ovtcharka, Caucasian Owcharka, Sage Ghafghazi, Kavkazskaia Ovtcharka, Kavkaz Mastiff, Kavkaz Volkodav, Nagazi nagazi, Coban iti and Gampr.

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