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Briquet: Origin, Personality, Training

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About Briquet

Country of Origin, History of Briquets

The dog’s country of origin is France. This was formerly known as Picard. The dog was esteemed as a hunter since historic times. The superior hare hunting skills of the Picards have been recorded in many a place. The Ardennes area of Belgium was the place from where some of the earliest of these hounds stemmed.

By the 17th century the d’Artois dogs had become popular. In 1609 Prince Alexandre de Gray (France) had expressed his desire to send a pack of little d’Artois dogs to the King of England. Thus, the bringing in of the d’Artois to England may well have subsequently led to the development of the Beagle breed of dogs.

There had developed a fashion among French hunters to secure the d’Artois dogs by the 19th century and the increasing demand called forth considerable crossbreeding. This led to a deterioration of the pure d’Artois. Finally the only ‘pure’ breeds of d’Artois remaining were the packs kept at Chantilly and those of the Prince de Conde.

Ernest Levair and M. Therouanne ventured on a twenty-year program to breed the original d’Artois in the 1880s. This resulted in great success though the war years that commenced soon after nearly destroyed the breed. However, the Briquet dogs did not become extinct altogether and since 1975 their numbers are on the rise. Now there are around 500 dogs registered in their studbooks.

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A General Description of the Dog

The Briquet is a muscled and well-built dog. It looks strong and energetic. It has a large and strong head and a sturdy with wide chest and medium-length back. The dog has thick skin with short, thick and flat hair. The coat has patterns of dark fawn tri-colors. The color of the dog’s head is also usually fawn with a black overlay at times. The ears of the dog are flat and are set at eye level. The eyes of the Briquet are large and prominent and the lips are thick. The nose is black.

The forelimbs of the dog are strong and vertical (lightly oblique). The shoulders are muscled and the elbows are set properly in the axis of the body. In case of each hind limb, the point of the buttock of the dog, the middle of its leg, the hock, the metatarsal and the foot all lie on the same vertical line. While the upper thighs of the hind limbs of the dog are let down and well muscled the hock joints are strong and angulated moderately. The metatarsals are short and strong. The feet of the Briquet are slightly elongated. They are strong and sufficiently tight with tough and compact pads that are black in color. The tail is pointed- long, strong and sickle-shaped and it never falls forward.

Height: 20-23 inches.

Weight: Between 40-53 pounds.

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Dog with lovers

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Briquet Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Breed

This is a calm and well-balanced dog. The Briquet is very energetic and has great endurance levels. It is brave and loyal to its master. As a scent hound it is quick and independent and skilled at hunting swift animals like rabbits. The Briquet loves its owner who cares for it. Having a powerful sense of smell the dog gets overjoyed when getting an opportunity to be on the trail of a good scent.

Suitable for apartment living?

Though the dogs can stay fine in apartments it is advisable to provide a small yard for them. It is best to keep Briquets with healthy people who can themselves undertake extensive exercising along with the dog.

Briquet Activity Level

How active is the breed?

The Briquet is a hunting dog and hence it needs to be exercised extensively. The dog may be taken for long walks everyday. They can become wonderful companions for joggers and hikers or health freaks who walk or jog over considerably distances daily.


The Briquet requires considerable grooming. The dog has a smooth and shorthaired coat. This is easy to care for by regular brushing. Rubber, wire or hard-bristled brushes would be suitable for brushing purposes. The dogs need to be bathed from time to time with mild soap. They may be dry shampooed too. Again, wiping down with a damp towel can act as a good enough alternative to bathing.

The ears of the dog need to be checked at all times for signs of infection. The nails of the dogs ought to be trimmed too in order to avoid infections arising from unkempt nails.

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Health and Care

The Briquet Dogs have not been known to develop any health problem that is particular to their breed. They may be developing health problem(s) that dogs of many other breeds develop.

A person buying a Briquet puppy needs to make sure that the puppy does not suffer from hip dysplasia and OCD (osteochondritis dissecans). The eyes of the puppy must also be checked for verifying that they are normal and PRA clear.

National Breed Clubs

Life Expectancy: The dogs have a life expectancy of up to 13 years.

Group: Hound Group, Scent Hound.

AKC Popularity Ranking: Not Recognized by AKC.

Also Known As: Chien d’Artois, Picard, Artois Hound.

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