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Akbash: Temperament, Exercise, Health

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About Akbash

Country of Origin, History of Akbashs

The Akbash Dogs are believed to have their origins in the Western Turkey region. Being developed in Turkey these dog breeds spread elsewhere with the exploits of the Ottoman and other earlier empires.

Some believe the Akbash to be an ancient pure breed while others believe that shepherds developed it some 3000 or more years ago by selectively breeding for white-colored guarding sheepdogs. It can be that this dog breed is a relative of some other great white guarders of herds like the Kuvasz, the Tatra Mountain Sheepdog and the Komondor.

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A General Description of the Breed

The dog derives its name from the Abkash region of western Turkey, which is its native place. The word Abkash is derived from the Turkish word for ‘white head’ and indicates the white heads of the dogs belonging to this breed. The dogs are white bodied too.

Over the years these dogs have mainly been used for guarding livestock. These are white headed and white-bodied strong dogs that have a keen sense of hearing. Akbash dogs have coarse and non-matting weather-resistant white colored short to medium length double coats. One will not find too much of doggy odor with them.

The dogs have massive heads and powerful jaws. They have long legs and feathered curved tails that reach to the hocks. They bear characteristics of both mastiffs and sight hounds.

Akbash dogs have v- shaped ears set high. Their eye color varies between different shades of brown- light golden brown to very dark brown. They have a strong and muscular neck of medium length that arches at the crest. The dog’s toes are strong and well arched. The pads are thick and hard, elastic and dark in color and the nails are gray, brown or white and blunt.


Heights of adult dogs range from 28 to 34 inches.


Weights of adult females average at 90 pounds while those of males average at 130 pounds.

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Akbash Personality Traits

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The Spanish Water Dog is an extremely intelligent, fearless, ever-active, strong, attentive, happy and well balanced versatile working dog with strong herding, hunting and guardian instincts. It is a devoted companion. It is reserved, not shy, with strangers. They can be protective and territorial.

Are they suited to families with kids?

Most of them are good with children and other animals if properly socialized.

Akbash Activity Level

Akbash dogs are very athletic types and a long walk is essential for them everyday. However, their overall activity level is low though it requires a lot of space to run around.


As mentioned above the hard coat of the Akbash is pretty clean, non-matting and does not emit any doggy smell. However, it does require brushing so as to facilitate the shedding process.

These dogs rank as above average shedders.

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Health and Care

Being a large and rapidly growing breed of dogs there have been some cases of hip dysplasia and OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) reported with these dogs. However, these are few compared to many other large breeds.

Life Expectancy

The Akbash has a life expectancy of about 10-11 years.

National Breed Clubs

Group: Flock Guard Dogs

AKC Popularity Ranking: Not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) but is recognized by the United Kennel Club (UKC).

Also known as: Coban Kopegi, Akbas

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