Dog with lovers
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Training Medium Dog Breeds

Most families will end up getting a medium size dog breed. Smaller dog breeds tend to make better pets for single owners and large dog breeds aren’t always ideal for small children so a medium sized dog such as a Golden Retriever, Labrador or Collie is highly recommended for large families. These loyal, smart and active dog breeds are easy to train, very adaptable and if raised right will always listen to their master’s commands. Medium size dog breeds have their own set of unique traits but luckily for dog owners their idiosyncrasies, grooming problems and temperaments are much easier to handle than a toy breed or a giant dog breed. Whether a pure breed or mutt a medium size dog breed is much more compatible to family and home environments and will adapt quickly to his surroundings. Unlike toy breeds that acclimate better to apartments and giant dog breeds that need great open spaces a medium size dog breed is comfortable inside and outside, in homes and condos and near water or in the woods. Medium dog breeds are not as particular as some toy breeds and are far less daunting than a giant breed. It is important to train mid-size dog breeds when they are puppies and manageable. As dogs grow older and fill out it is more difficult to change their acquired habits. Having firm control of a medium size dog breed at a young age will ensure your dominance over the dog throughout your lives. Medium size dog breeds span a wide range of characteristics, temperaments, grooming needs and personality traits. Beagles are distinct from Siberian Huskies and Standard Poodles bear no similarities to German Shepherds. But all medium size dog breeds are known for their ability and willingness to learn, being receptive to training and showing respect and obedience when raised correctly.

Large to Medium Dog Breeds

Large to Medium dog breeds weigh around 35 to 65 pounds, approximately. These breeds are home loving dogs and love being around families. Some of these dog breeds are usually related to guardian activities and are quite ideal to protect your house and family from any intruders or burglars.

Medium to Small Dog Breeds

Dogs, typically between 26 to 50 lbs or between 18 to 25 inch at the shoulder, approximately, are grouped under this category. These dog breeds are suited to both apartments and homes with yard. These breeds need moderate exercise and daily walks will suffice.

Train Your Dog To Listen To You

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Dog with lovers
Dog with lovers