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Dog Health, Common Diseases & Hereditary Traits

Dog Health

OK, you’ve adopted your best friend, given him a name and his own bed and collar and shown him off to friends and family. Now comes the real work. When you take on the responsibility of owning a dog it’s a lot like having a child. Unlike cats that can fend for themselves and rarely need or desire owner affection your dog will rely on you for just about everything. With the exception of old Bulldogs and Bloodhounds most dogs will watch your every move and try to be a part of everything you do. You should do likewise in monitoring your pet’s health. With specialized breeding and selection the canine world has produced some exquisite and exotic animals but the more interesting the breed chances are the more prevalent hereditary traits can be. Bulldogs, Dalmatians and Standard Poodles are wonderful animals but come with a host of genetic traits that will require special attention and care. Bulldogs are famous for respiratory problems due to their short noses, Poodles have extremely sensitive ears that need careful trimming and ointments to prevent infection and Dalmatians just can’t seem to calm down. Keep this in mind when selecting a breed to share your life. Obviously your first act should be scheduling an appointment with a veterinarian to have your dog or puppy thoroughly checked over. After the initial check-up you can start to perform your own spot checks on your dog and after consulting a vet you will have enough information to know how to check for fleas, ticks, tumors and other noticeable problems. There are a number of basic home remedies you can use to cure common diseases and bacteria. Vets can be expensive and unless it is a major problem that you are not trained to deal with, like a broken bone or heartworm, you may be able to fix your buddy’s ailment on your own and spare him the anxiety of a visit to the doggy doctor. Dogs are just like any other living organism as bacteria and viruses love to attach to their bodies and spread. If you have an out door dog be sure your checks are regular, maybe every day, to prevent small problems from becoming major issues. Try not to be overprotective and denying your dog his fun in the sun but when he’s near a careful petting can tell you if he’s in pain or if any unwanted guests have burrowed in his coat.
Dog with lovers


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