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Toy Poodles & It’s Exercise Needs

Known as excellent companions to humans, Toy Poodles are also one of the smallest breeds of dog. It belongs to the family of hunting dogs and hence is extremely agile. Later, the Standard Toy Poodle was bred down in size to create a smaller version of the breed. Although the Standard Toy Poodles Poodles are still used for hunting, the toy poodles gained popularity as Show Dogs. Time and again Toy Poodle owners have been asking an important question: How much of a daily exercise do Teacup Toy Poodles need? Being extremely small in size, they demand extreme carefulness where exercises and walks are concerned as their size makes them very prone to injury and accidents. Toy breeds have fragile bone structures and are susceptible to injuries if they are over exercised. Toy breed puppies often suffer incurable damage to ligaments, tissues and tendons if their owners fail to realize their exercise needs. An hour of daily exercise is necessary to do away with boredom and to add to physical fitness, in Toy Poodles. Owners often confuse daily exercise with rigorous exercise. For Teacup Toy Poodles, even short walks are adequate. A small-enclosed yard with adequate space to romp around is all they need. Toy Poodles like playing with water and should never be allowed to play with kids for long hours as it might cause harm to their bones. Toy Poodle owners should monitor their dog’s behavior once they come back home from a daily walk to look for signs of fatigue and if they find symptoms of stress, they should treat the same as a wake up call to modify their schedule. Toy Poodles not only suffer from crippling joint injuries due over exercising, they can develop hypoglycemia as well. Hypoglycemia is a disorder that reduces sugar levels in blood resulting in seizures, weaknesses, which can even lead to coma. Nutri-Cal tablets help a great deal in such a case. Owners are advised to do proper homework before bringing a dog home. This will help them understand breed-specific needs better and also give them complete knowledge about the physical and emotional requirements of different breeds of dog. Learn more about Toy Poodles.

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Dog with lovers
Dog with lovers