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German Shepherd – Hip Dysplasia & Epilepsy

The German Shepherd is large in size and is one of the most intelligent dogs that one can dream to own. This dog breed is great with children but needs diligent and careful training and socialization. Socialization is mandatory or else, these dogs tend to become very aggressive and even worse, fear biters. The German Shepherd always yearns for long walks with its owner and when amply exercised, it keeps perfectly healthy. Games, that involve hiding and hunting objects, too, are recommended to keep the dog in good health. But, physically taxing games should not be played with the German Shepherd immediately after it has had a meal, as that would lead to gastric torsion and even bloat. The most desired feature that you can possibly get in this dog is that it does not require clipping. A hassle free dog that can be painlessly trained into one of the finest of pets. Its protectiveness towards its family and its potential to be man’s best friend, is quite remarkable. This breed, however, needs a lot of exercise to stay fit and can suffer a great deal if not given its due share. It also tends to suffer from hip dysplasia and epilepsy. It is often noticed that the German Shepherd prefers one of its legs to another while walking. More often than not, they are found to favor the hind part of their right leg to their left. The symptoms become evident after obedience training or play sessions. An x-ray would reveal that the dog has been suffering from hip dysplasia. Veterinarians recommend surgery as the best resort but it is not always feasible owing to high expenses. There are medicines available that go a long way to relieve the German Shepherd of hip dysplasia. However, if it is a serious case then surgery would be a smartest option. The other common health problem that affects a German Shepherd is epilepsy. The symptoms start to show when the dog suffers from seizures at regular intervals. Prior to a seizure, the dog first hunts down a cozy corner for itself. Then its eyes will well up, its panting will increase and its mouth will start to drool. Its whole body stiffens and even shakes all over and nothing short of some cuddling by the owner would make it feel safe and secure. The only remedy, aside from the owner’s love and care, are proper medicines prescribed by a competent vet. The German Shepherd, a naturally hassle free dog, can be a cause for concern when ill but is usually and undoubtedly one of the best companions that one can ask for. Learn more about German Shepherd Dogs.

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Dog with lovers
Dog with lovers