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Cat Shopping & Care Resources

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Cat Supplies

Find everything you need to know about Cat Supplies.

The Cat Owners Manual

This cat owner’s bible covers everything you need to know about caring for your pet from birth through old age.

Cat Supplies

Find everything you need to know about Cat Supplies.

Feline Conservation Federation

Cat Litter Box Furniture: Litter box Cabinets

We provide a cabinet that will enhance your decor and hide your cat’s litter box. Our cat litter boxes have an upscale appeal that will blend with your other household furniture.

Cat Ramps & Cat Perches

Cat perches and cat ramps. A unique spin on cat furniture and cat trees.

Cats & Kittens at

Get the latest cat news, kitten raising tips, and articles from the editors of CAT FANCY magazine. See cat breed profiles, the cat photo gallery and get cat adoption information. Take cat polls & quizzes, send cat e-cards and make your cat’s own Webpage.

SittingPrettyKitty Cat Furniture

Manufacturer of unique handcrafted cat furniture, cat trees and cat scratching posts.

The Feline Solarium

Give your cat the outdoor experience within the safety of your home.

The Paw Path Litter Mat

The purr-fect litter mat that is drastically different from others on the market. This patented product promotes a healthier life for you and your beloved kitty.