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Dog Grooming Tips For Various Dog Breeds With Long And Short Hair Coats

Dog Grooming

Today dogs are much more than the tag along buddy of yesteryear. Time was when all you needed to take care of a dog was a bowl for water and maybe a leash. However, as people progress so do their pets and these days the care and training of dogs has become a huge, worldwide industry of products, advice and tips. But not all the information is geared towards specific dog breeds. Grooming tips that work on a sheepdog probably won’t work on a Maltese. You also have to factor in a dog’s coat and whether or not their fur may cause allergic reactions in you or your family.

Purebred dogs are elegant and unique but come with a host of hereditary quirks that can wreak havoc on your home. Before adopting, rescuing or purchasing any pure breed or mutt be sure you know the dog’s lineage and history so you can find the right products for treating wiry hair, thick coats, sensitive ears and many other specific needs. When grooming a dog it’s always best to have a professional do it first. If possible schedule a session when you’ll have time to observe and perhaps participate so the trainer can show you exactly how to care for the breed you have. Through breeding and natural selection dogs have become very specialized animals. The fur and skin of pure breed dogs can be extremely sensitive so make sure you purchase shampoos and conditioners that do not contain additives and/or chemicals that may cause irritation and even rashes. With the exception of the American and Mexican Hairless Terriers chances are you will have a dog that will need to be brushed, combed and possibly trimmed. Again, a hard bristle brush works great on Labs but can quickly annoy a shorthair breed like a Dachshund. Ask a veterinarian or dog grooming professional about the types of brushes and combs that are available, which will work best with the breed you have and how often you should brush your pet.

Fleas and ticks are a fact of dog life so carefully check your pet regularly for these irritating guests by simple hand checks through his coat and ears to see if anything unwanted has made a home in his fur. Trimming dogs, especially wooly breeds like Sheepdogs and Standard Poodles, is a full-time job in itself. Again, ask around for the best advice on the types of clippers to use, what adjustment to set the blade at and what areas of the body should be trimmed and which should not. Impulse makes us want to cut the hair over a sheepdog’s eyes but this is a mistake and can actually harm the dog’s eyes. Also, many poodle owners like to be creative when trimming their pets but poodles can have very sensitive skin around the ears and hind quarters and removing hair must be done gently so as not to hurt the animal. Grooming is not just a chic luxury anymore. To ensure a healthy and happy dog know the proper way to care for his fur and coat.

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