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Training Difficult Dogs

Difficult Dog Breeds need an experienced, consistent, and confident owner. These dog breeds are ‘no kennel’ dogs. If tied up in the yard or left alone without exercise and companionship, these dog breeds show destructive, nervous or even aggressive dog behavior. Training Your Dog If you already own a stubborn dog and you want to learn more about how to quickly and easily train and take care of it, Subscribe to The FREE Dog Course. Get insider secrets on Housetraining, Obedience Training, Teaching Commands, Diet and How to control its bad behavior like Barking and Biting – delivered to your email Inbox for FREE. Stubborn Dogs are most likely to be found in the hound and terrier groups but may also be found among the sporting dogs. Hardheaded dogs are difficult to train, especially if you do not have much experience in training dogs. They are unwilling to do something to please you the first time around. Their response is planted feet, talking back (yip or bark), growling, or barring their teeth.
Obedience becomes a dominance struggle between the two of you. Once you have given the command, you must make the dog obey the command or he has won. If he wins, getting him to obey the next time will be even harder. These dogs need persistence, insistence, consistence and patience in training.
  • Working with a stubborn dog will require you to use a shake can frequently. You can make a loud, yet easy-to-handle shake can with a soda pop can and 10-12 pennies. After inserting the pennies, tape the opening closed. You may have to keep one of these in every room you allow your dog. When the can is shaken, it must be done loudly and be accompanied by a loud and firm “NO.” When he quits what he is doing, praise him vigorously.
  • Using jerk and release will be very important for these dogs. When they just indicate they are about to do something other than what they are supposed to be doing, give them a quick jerk and release and say firmly “NO” then use a jerk and release along with the command for what they are supposed to be doing. Once the dog is corrected, praise him lavishly for complying.
Always use a firm and robust voice. Your words, tone of voice, and body language must be authoritative and never tentative, tired, distracted or questioning. Always look directly at the dog when correcting him and always look directly at him when praising him. Always praise him when he does the right thing. It is difficult to categorize dog breeds into Stubborn Dog Breeds. Labrador and Golden Retrievers are typically friendly dogs, but, abuse and malhandling can turn a well-behaved Lab puppy into an aggressive, stubborn dog. Again, BloodHounds are typically stubborn in nature. But, proper handling and consistent training can turn even an aggressive BloodHounds into an obedient pet. Effectively Train Your Dog Does your dog bark too much? To get the help you need to train and care for your dog, Subscribe to the FREE Dog Course. Learn the Commands to Obedience train your dog and Control his bad habits like barking and biting. Get the secrets to Housetraining and Feeding your dog and much more when you have the course delivered to your email Inbox for FREE. Most stubborn dog breeds are also averse to and may show some resistance in potty training. Successful potty training sessions require knowledge of how to deal with Difficult-to-Housebreak Dogs. Patience, Persistence and Consistency are the keys to successfully training these difficult dog breeds.

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Dog with lovers
Dog with lovers