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Devoted dog owners who visit your website everyday no longer need to worry about whether their dog is getting the right nutrients...the right amount of food...or if his weight is within a healthy range.

Our unique dog calorie calculator (the first of its kind on the Internet) will help your visitors understand how many calories their dog needs every day depending on things like the dog's age, weight, activity level etc., and will also help them determine how many cups of food they should be feeding their dogs every day.

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After testing it with nearly 239 dog owners, we got great stats and feedback. This is what some of them said....

"This was really interesting because I really never read the back for the Guaranteed Analysis and using your calculator made me see and realize what intake my dog is getting."

"I thought this was an excellent tool! Since it calculated according to weight and % for puppies, it was very helpful. I have been concerned if I was feeding him enough since he doesn't seem to eat as much as he use to but this also explained the information about how a puppy changes his eating as he reaches maturity."

"I would hope that all dog owners used your calculator ... in the long run, I would think it would be better for the dogs health. Thank you."

"I think this is an AWESOME tool, and being in rescue, it will be so helpful as well. Thank You!!"

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