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Brittany Dog : Rescue Process

There are many people, who are actually great fans of the Brittany Dog, who gather together to form a group of 500 Brittany loyalists, as in breeders, owners and competitors and set up the best possible shelters for these dogs. Brittany dogs are surrendered because of various reasons such as a divorce, a death in the family, someone allergic to it, or base movement to a place where dogs are strictly forbidden. These dogs are kept in foster homes for sometime before assessing the exact reason for them being surrendered and their final acceptance into a rescue shelter. One of the prime reasons for a Brittany dog being discarded can be that the owner bought one as a puppy but was not really prepared to handle the dog that it grew up to be. When left on its own, uncared for and all alone, the Brittany knows perfect ways to keep him busy and can adapt to different activities that might not be desirable for its owner. The Brittany stray dogs often come without a background. And it really helps to set them free from a random shelter into the rescue workers’ territory because they are not very comfortable in a shelter – thanks to their inconsistent upbringing. All the Brittany dogs that are rescued are first taken to a vet for check up. They are then tested for heartworms, spayed or neutered and also given their requisite shots. Fortunately for most people, Brittany dogs are adaptable by nature and can adjust to multiple scenarios with persistent training and hence, respond well to adoption by the volunteers into their rescue shelters. Learn more about Brittany Dog.

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Dog with lovers
Dog with lovers