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Goldador: Breed Characteristics, Care &
Exercise Needs (Golden Lab)

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About Goldador

Country of Origin, History of Goldadors

There is no known date or person who started the Goldador breed, but it is believed it may have existed naturally over the years. However, it was only in late 1990s or early 2000s that designer dog breeders in North America mixed Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers to develop Goldadors to have a sensitive, tolerant working dog for use in guide and assistance work. As designer dogs became more and more popular, Goldadors gained in popularity too.

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A General Appearance of the Dog

The Goldador is a cross-breeding of the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. To better understand the characteristics of the Goldador, you must research the characteristics of the parent breeds. Because both breeds are loving, devoted, energetic (enthusiastic with great stamina), and very trainable, your Goldador should have those characteristics. He should be good with children and hearty enough to be outside in cold weather for a training session for hunting, guide service, bomb detection, or a variety of other activities, but should not be left outdoors as he loves to be with his people.

Because the two types of Retrievers that make up this breed have similar bodies and sizes as well as personalities, the puppies are fairly predictable in appearance. Most have a square-shaped head that is rounded on top with long, floppy ears that can be prone to infections. They have a wide, tapered muzzle and eyes that express loyalty and an impishness. Their legs are strong and their chest is fairly wide. They have a long, sweeping tail.

Both Goldens and Labs have very strong shoulders and chests and think they should be the first to arrive anywhere, so they are prone to pull when on walks and can easily pull their human down and cause severe injury. Therefore, it is critical to start teaching your dog early to “heel” correctly without pulling. The adult dog will be larger and wider than a Golden Retriever.

The Goldador should not be kept in an apartment unless he can get long walks (on leash), playtimes at a fenced dog park, or similar activities at least 4-5 times a week. He prefers a fenced yard where he can run and play when he desires.

Goldadors are very affectionate with other pets (will watch over them) and all family members, often adopting people or animals who aren’t actually family members as well. They love children of all ages, but must be taught not to jump on people. They are very smart and love to learn, so start training early and keep thinking of things to teach them. Housetraining should be easy if you are consistent.

They shed daily and some drool after getting a drink.


The Goldador’s coat color most often ranges from red to gold to yellow, but may be black if one of the parents was a black Lab. The Goldador has a long, double coat if it more like the Golden or a short, double coat if it is more like the Labrador. They shed some every day. Spring and fall they shed the entire undercoat and it must be brushed out on a daily basis for 2-3 weeks. The rest of the year, they should be brushed at least once a week.


60 – 80 pounds


22 – 24 inches

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Goldador Personality Traits

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The Spanish Water Dog is an extremely intelligent, fearless, ever-active, strong, attentive, happy and well balanced versatile working dog with strong herding, hunting and guardian instincts. It is a devoted companion. It is reserved, not shy, with strangers. They can be protective and territorial.

Are they suited to families with kids?

Most of them are good with children and other animals if properly socialized.


The Goldador is one of the most trainable breeds in the world. Housetraining should be easy if they are kept on a consistent schedule for a few weeks. They can be trained to do almost anything (obedience, agility, fly ball, rally, assistance, guide, bomb sniffing, body retrieval, etc.) and will find ways to make themselves “useful” if not trained, so plan to start training early and continue to train and practice throughout their lives. He needs mental stimulation so should do some activity that requires him to use his mind. Puzzle toys and teaching commands and practicing will make him happy. Positive reinforcement (praise, play, or treats) work well. Because he is a sensitive dog, do not use harsh corrections.

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Goldador Activity Level

How active is the breed?

The Goldador is an active breed. As puppies they are very curious and mischievous, but with training they learn good etiquette and become well-behaved. They need about an hour of vigorous exercise a day, but it can be running in a fenced yard, taking a walk or two, doing training, going to the dog park, or running alongside you on your run or bike ride.


Start grooming your Goldador as a puppy to accustom him to brushing, teeth brushing, and nail clipping. Handle his feet daily so he doesn’t develop a fear of having his feet handled. They shed some every day. Spring and fall they shed the entire undercoat and it must be brushed out on a daily basis for 2-3 weeks. The rest of the year, they should be brushed at least once a week.

Bathe your Goldador as needed and always rinse him with clear water after he has been swimming. Ear infections (“retriever ear”) are common in this breed so keep an eye on his ears and clean as needed. Brush his teeth 2-3 times a week. Trim his nails once or twice a month.

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Health and Care

Goldadors love to eat and can become overweight if not properly exercised and fed. Be sure to measure their food and not give too many treats or table scraps. Use vegetables (green beans, carrots), fruit (apples), or meat (bits of cooked chicken or beef) for treats. Goldadors are prone to the same health conditions that other Retrievers are such as hip and elbow dysplasia, knee issues, arthritis, cataracts, heart issues, diabetes, a variety of cancers, and progressive retinal atrophy.

Life Span: 10 – 13 years

National Breed Clubs

National Breed Clubs: none at this time

Other Recognition:

ACHC = American Canine Hybrid Club (Golden Labrador)
DBR = Designer Breed Registry (Golden Labrador Retriever)
DDKC = Designer Dogs Kennel Club (Golder Labrador Retriever)
DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
IDCR = International Designer Canine Registry® (Goldador Retriever)

Group: Mixed Breed Dog

AKC Ranking: Not recognized by AKC.

Also Known As: Golden Lab, Golden Labrador Retriever, Goldador Retriever

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