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All About Beauceron

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About Beauceron

Country of Origin, History of Beaucerons

The country of origin of the breed is France. The Beauceron dogs originally came from Brie region of France. The other dog that came from the same region had already had the name Briard, hence, the name Beauce was chosen for the dog. Though quite different in appearance yet both the Briard and the Beauce breeds have been known to stem from similar ancestral stock.

At one time the dogs were used in France to hunt down wild boar. A Renaissance manuscript of 1578 provides the earliest record of what is believed to be a Beauceron. In World War I and World War II the dogs were used to serve as messengers, supply carriers and mine detectors.

The dog was shown in the first canine Exposition in Paris in 1863. In 1897 the first Shepherd Dog club was formed that included both the Beauceron and the Briard and in 1911 a separate club for the Beauceron was set up. Now the Beauceron is used as a herder and guard dog and is regarded as a serious working dog. The French police and army also make use of it. However, the breed is gaining popularity as a family watchdog and companion.

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The Beauceron has got a strong and athletic body. It is large but not heavy. There is the presence of a double dewclaw on the hind legs that makes six toes per rear foot. The ears of the dogs are generally cropped to stand erect. Naturally, the ears are half-pricked with a third of the ear remaining erect. The tail of the dog is fringed and it reaches the hocks and perhaps even beyond. It is carried low in the shape of a ”J”.


Two kinds of coat colorings can be observed. In the first type there are: black-and-tan with specific tan markings, two ‘lozenges’ above eyes, tan at bottom of upper lip and throat, two tan spots on the breast, tan on bottom of each leg and a tan marking in the shape of a lyre under the tail.

In the second type there is harlequin with patches of gray, black and tan coat. The distribution of the tan over the body is similar as in the black-and-tan variety only with more black than gray and without any white. It is because of the markings on their legs that the Beauceron dog is also referred to as Bas Rouge (Red Stocking). The outer coat of the dog is harsh and lined with a wooly and fluffy undercoat that ensures thermal insulation. The eyes of the dog are dark- having a horse chestnut color.

Height: Between 24 and 28 inches.


Weights of the dogs usually lie between 66 and 85 pounds. However, weights of some dogs may go up to 110 pounds too.

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Beauceron Personality Traits

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The Spanish Water Dog is an extremely intelligent, fearless, ever-active, strong, attentive, happy and well balanced versatile working dog with strong herding, hunting and guardian instincts. It is a devoted companion. It is reserved, not shy, with strangers. They can be protective and territorial.

Are they suited to families with kids?

Most of them are good with children and other animals if properly socialized.

Beauceron Activity Level



The Beauceron needs to exercise a lot. The dog needs to be given some work always. It also requires plenty of space in order to express itself and spend its energy suitably. If compelled to sit lazily the dog will indulge in all kinds of vices. They need regular long walks. The dogs may be set off-leash and allowed to run free and play in some safe area.


The coat of the Beauceron is easy to care for and groom. Just occasional grooming suffices. The dog is an average shedder and more attention needs to be given towards grooming when the dog is shedding.

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Health and Care

This is usually perceived as a healthy and hardy breed. However, some lines are prone to bloat. Like many other dog breeds that have weights above 40 pounds the Beauceron is also prone to hip dysplasia. However, 95 percent of breeders in the US breed only hip certified stock thus keeping the risk of the disease arising in the dog quite at bay.

Life Expectancy: 10-12 yrs.

National Breed Clubs

Breed Club & Rescue Link:

Group: Herding Group

AKC Popularity Ranking: 124

Also Known As: Beauce Shepherd, Bas Rouge (Red Stocking), Berger de Beauce and French Shorthaired Shepherd.

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