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Beagles – Yeast Infections of the Ears & other Ailments

The Beagle, a member of the hound group, has short legs, long ears and makes great scent hounds that easily track rabbits and deer. They are well-tempered, loyal and love human company. Beagles are generally healthy but are also prone to some common problems and ailments.  One such very common problem is the yeast infection of the ears. The Beagle is exactly like the Foxhound but for its shorter limbs and longer ears. A Beagle’s ears are long and floppy where they tend to capture a lot of dirt, moisture and air. This often leads to yeast infections. Such infections need immediate attention and proper treatment. Immediate treatment and medication entail cleaning with dilute vinegar and water solution. But if left unattended for too long, they call for prescribed medication. The right amount of good quality yogurt, with low fat content, and a nice lamb and rice meal are the best diets to keep away yeast infections and even cure them. However, this diet too might take some adjusting and any foul smell or discharge should be immediately reported to the doctor. Among other health problems, these dogs often tend to overeat. Thus they should never be given the chance to do so. They will binge at every opportunity. This leads to obesity, which is a common problem with this breed. Due their gentle and friendly nature, they are often pampered by their owners and in the process, end up being overfed. A Beagle should ideally have a trim body when, that is, they should look trim when viewed from outside. There should not be an extra inch of fat on their body or else it would be extremely difficult for them to move about on their short limbs. Their ribs should be visible to make one certain that they are not fat. Excess fat might even lead to hip dysplasia and heart disorders. On an average, Beagles live till 15 years of age. But some even go on to live till 20, without painful infections, and with proper care and healthy diet. Learn more about Beagles.

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Dog with lovers
Dog with lovers