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Plott Hound: Personality, Exercise, Health

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About Plott Hound

Country of Origin, History of Plott Hounds

The Plott Hound is the only American hound without British ancestry. Given its unusual name, the Plott hound is a purely American breed that was started by a German family of the same name who immigrated to the United States in 1750.

Seven generations of the Jonathan Plott family, beginning in the 1750's, bred their dogs exclusively within the family. A mix of bloodhounds and curs reportedly comprised the original stock. The dog's working claim to fame is cold trailing bear and raccoons in the Appalachian, Blue Ridge, and Great Smoky Mountains of the Eastern United States. The Plott Hound is American through and through.

The Plott family has only rarely put these dogs on the market; so while the breed was officially recognized in 1946, it is still rare outside the southern states. They are extremely hardy and have superior hunting instincts. They can make a good family companion but are seldom kept as one. Most people get these dogs for the hunt.

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A General Appearance of the Dog

The Plott Hound is a medium-sized, muscular dog with a short, glossy, dense coat. It has a long tail which is posed high when the dog is alert. The large, long ears that hand down along the sides of the head are characteristic of the breed. The eyes are large and expressive but not drooping as in the bloodhound. Their muzzle is long with a soft mount and large nose. The thigh muscles are lean and powerful giving it lots of energy. The strong feet have webbed toes. The Plott is usually brindle over most of the body no matter what the color.

Coat Color

The coat color of the Plott has many variations that can include these backgrounds with brindling over them: yellow, tan, chocolate, orange, buckskin, liver, brown, red, gray or blue. Dark saddles and shading around the face are found in the breed as well. A few solids appear with no brindling occasionally.

Coat Type

Smooth, fine, glossy, but thick enough to provide protection from wind and water. Rare specimens are double-coated, with a short, soft, thick inner coat concealed by a longer, smoother and stiffer outer coat.


Males 20-24”
Females 20-23”


Males 45-55 Lbs
Females 40-55 Lbs.

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Plott Hound Personality Traits

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The Spanish Water Dog is an extremely intelligent, fearless, ever-active, strong, attentive, happy and well balanced versatile working dog with strong herding, hunting and guardian instincts. It is a devoted companion. It is reserved, not shy, with strangers. They can be protective and territorial.

Are they suited to families with kids?

Most of them are good with children and other animals if properly socialized.

Plott Hound Activity Level

How Active is the Breed?

While the Plott hound has pronounced stamina during exercise and hunting times, he is a calm, quiet companion when that time is behind him and is willing to snooze beside you until the next foray.

Fetch, catch, tug-of-war and other games can keep him happy between more extensive exercise times.

How Much Exercise Does the Dog Need at every stage of its Life?

Young Plott puppies need lead training and lots of reinforcement if you want your dog to walk on lead without lunging as it matures. They love to chew like all puppies and a safe yard will serve them well while they are young.

The Plott Hound needs a lot of physical exercise as he matures which may include a daily, long, brisk walk or jog or an occasional full-fledged hunting experience. This well-muscled and rather lean-boned dog has the endurance and stamina to work all day and well into the night. The Plott Hound should have chances to run free but is born a natural hunter and has a tendency to run off and hunt if they are not kept in a well-fenced area while exercising off the lead.


Grooming at home should be easy for the owner, with regular nail clipping and brushing and baths as needed. A chamois will keep the short coat glossy. Frequency of bathing will be determined by the terrain your pet transverses.

Tracking Plotts should be examined immediately after an event to check for any ticks, scratches or cuts. Dirt and mud should be washed off at this time and ears checked for ticks and foreign matter, then cleaned. Nails should be clipped regularly if the pet is not walking on pavement on a lead.

This hound is very neat about its appearance and will groom himself by licking in a cat-like way.

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Free Plott Hound Training Secrets

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Health and Care

Genetic Problems

The Plott Hound is considered the hardiest of the coonhounds. The breed can be ravenous eaters and can consume large quantities of food quickly, which makes it susceptible to bloat (gas in the intestine) and gastric torsion, a life-threatening twisting of the stomach. Exercise too soon after a big meal could prove fatal to this breed.

Otherwise, the Plott Hound has few health concerns.

Breeding the Dog and any Cautions

Since this breed has been so carefully bred there are few, if any, concerns that should affect a healthy breeding outcome. Always check with your breeder to find an appropriate match for your pet before breeding.

Litter Size: 4-10 Puppies

Life Span: 12-14 years

National Breed Clubs

National Breed Clubs

US –

Other Recognition: UKC, NKC, AKC, CKC, APRI, ACR

Group: Hound Group.

AKC Popularity Ranking: 171

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